I’m hoping to use this blog to share spiritual insights and post happenings that you might be interested in.

Recently while browsing for meditation music I ran across the Thrive Movement website and after about 2 hours of losing myself in it, I finally ordered the movie. I have hosted several viewings and put it in my lending library. Many of the people who came to showings have also ordered the movie to share…and so it goes. ThriveMovement.com is the result of 20 years of research, and is dedicated to helping educate humanity on the behind the scenes agenda that is really in charge of the planet. While the information presented can be a bit unsettling, especially if it is the first time hearing about any of it, solutions are presented for how we can empower ourselves… to take our lives back and Thrive. Highly recommend it.

That also led me to Neal Donald Walsh’s newest book “Storm Before the Calm.” In this book Walsh hopes to create dialog about the “Overhaul” of humanity, that we are in the middle of, and how we can assist in our evolution.  To facilitate this, he created the website TheGlobalConversation.com. For my part I organized a group to read and converse! We are having great fun and the ideas are really getting interesting.

I urge you to embrace the advantage the web can give us to share positive and reaffirming information and support each other in this most incredible time on earth. Shine your Light! Share your Light! The Universe is watching in awe!

Much love,